Sustainable. Functional. Durable.

Single-use plastic is destroying the planet. As a society, we need to ditch the disposable lifestyle items and start shopping consciously and living sustainably. Cactis was created to make those switches easier. Strong, reliable and stylish drinkware that outperforms the competition.

The kindling for Cactis was searching for a drink bottle for my very active and outdoor-loving kids. I ordered bottles that looked great online or in stores, only to have them break the first time they were dropped or the straw chewed through in a matter of weeks. Low-grade silicone, poor design and fragile plastic contribute to the collection of reusable products that are actually difficult to use. Cactis is made to suit your life, and be the only reusable drinkware you ever need.

Tough, stylish and practical is our bottom line, and our line of drinkware ticks all the boxes, but we’re just getting started! We’d love to hear your feedback and user experience, so drop us a line and tag us in your adventures

Lily Cousins

Cactis Founder

Girl sitting on a rock at a waterfall